What is 500mg CBD used for?

We refer to the 500 mg concentration as the “Maintenance Treatment” phase of the healing process within the body. As the term implies, this is typically used to maintain the health status after the 2000 mg has completed the activation of the endocannabinoid system, repair, healing and balancing of body physiology known as homeostasis. A small percentage of patients will try the 500 to start out with but in many cases realize it is not making the changes they are looking for and turn to the 2000 to lay down the proverbial foundation to later build upon making it a greater success.

How to use for maximum results?

Just as with the CBDPRO 2000 the instructions remain the same as follows:
1. Shake the bottle to mix the different levels of CBD oil as they will settle.
2. Place CBD oil in mouth from the eyedropper.
3. DO NOT touch the eyedropper inside the mouth or on anything else.
4. Hold CBD in mouth for 5 minutes…This is the most important step!
5. After 5 minutes swallow remaining CBD and saliva that has built up.
6. Store CBD away from heat and direct sunlight.
7. Take your CBD consistently at the same time each day.

How much CBD is the suggested dose?

The 500 mg that is listed on the 500 bottle is the total amount of CBD within the entire bottle. When you do the math that is equivalent to 8.3 mg of CBD for the suggested dose of .50 ml daily use. After a person has determined that their symptoms have reached a maximum improvement this happens to be the typical dosage that I will have each of my patients use after completing the CBDPRO 2000 regimen.

What if the symptoms begin to return when switching down from the 2000 to the 500?

When this occurs, which is not entirely unusual, I have my patients double their current dosage for 7 days and once symptoms have reduced or are resolved, I would have them reduce the dosage by 25% each week until they find that point just prior to symptoms returning and maintain there.

More ingredients insight

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Current Deals

Natural Drops 500MG

CBDPRO 500 mg is considered a maintenance dose program after a person has reached their true health potential. This is 1/2 the dosage of our 2000mg and is designed to allow a person to remain at or near optimal health. 

IntraNasal Spray 10MG

CBDPRO IntraNasal Spray is designed to cross the blood-brain barrier by its unique delivery system enhanced by two different cranial nerves effecting neurologic type health challenges. Therefore, only a fraction of CBD is needed. 

Natural Drops 200MG

CBDPRO’s 2000 mg CBD is used as the initial treatment in both chronic and acute health related conditions in order to replenish the endocannabinoid storage as the body begins to repair itself. 

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